Want free FanDango gift card codes? Look no further, by using our free FanDango gift card code generator you can get unlimited gift card codes online in just a few clicks! Our gift card hacks and tools are some of the best out there and they’re completely free to use! Our FanDango gift card generator will generate and test thousands of codes until it finds working ones, all in under 60 seconds!


How it works

Our tool generates thousands of random FanDango gift card codes and tests them to see if they will work or not. Once it finds an unused code, it will perform another check to make sure that this code hasn’t been generated before. If it passes all those checks the code is then sent to you and that’s it! Our system isn’t perfect, so expect a dud here and there, but that’s another reason why we give everyone three daily uses. Once you have the code it’s up to you to go ahead and redeem it!


  • 256-bit Encryption – keeps your activity safe and also protects our software from being detected and patched by the various companies.
  • 3 Daily Uses – we allow you to generate a code for a particular card three times per day. This ensures that everyone will have a chance to get a code and it keeps our systems from being flooded with thousands of requests.
  • Intelligent Code Targeting – our tool tries to target codes that it believes will have the highest chances of working on the first try. This means it won’t hand out duplicate codes or codes that it detects have already been redeemed.
  • Global Chatroom – each of our tools is connected to our global chatroom which let you communicate to other users. Moderators do patrol the chatroom so please keep it friendly and listen to them.
  • Mobile Friendly – all of the content on our site should be responsive and work great on every device, whether it be PC, Mac, cell phone or tablet!

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ.

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