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Free Gift Card Code Generator

Use our generator to get unlimited free gift card codes for popular merchants such as Amazon, Steam, Best Buy, Xbox and more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this work?
We get paid by advertisers and some affiliate companies to advertise their services/products etc. It’s not much profit but it keeps the lights on and our nerds (coders) payed and happy. As far as the code generator, it will randomly search for unused codes and test them against various databases to ensure they work. Codes are also checked to make sure they haven’t been generated before so to ensure there are no duplicate codes.

Is this safe, can I get banned?
We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, but our generators do use 256-bit encryption that keep all of your data and information safe on our end. If your system/router is compromised already then our encryption will not do anything.

What are the chatroom rules?
Well we have the general rules such as no racism, no doxing, no advertising your services as a middle man, no scamming and no posting links/images. The rest is common sense, don’t be a mean person and you’re fine.

Is trading codes in the chatroom allowed / safe / legal?
It is legal, it is allowed (kind of) and it can be safe. We do have some moderators that drop in from time to time in order to “Middle-Man” for trades. If you are lucky enough to get a moderator to do this for you, be sure to thank them after! We take no responsibility if you trade without a mod’s services. And don’t spam the chat looking for mods.

What is a Middle-Man?
All that means is someone (hopefully a mod) that will help facilitate a trade of gift card codes between users. So if you wanted to trade your $25 Steam code for a $25 Amazon code, both parties give their codes to the mod, and the mod then checks and verifies them, and then gives the codes to the respective parties. In rare cases, usually for the higher value cards, mods may decide to “Break” a card.

What is does “breaking a card” mean?
This term just means the mod will take a card, extract (if possible) or use the card’s full value, then give the person an almost equal amount of money back in the form of another gift card or PayPal cash. So if you were trading a $50 Starbucks card for a $50 PayPal, a mod may just “break” it for you and give you somewhere around $43 give or take after fees. Trades between other players may also be facilitated this way, but most mods won’t do it as there’s some risk on their end and it’s time consuming.

The Daily Limit still says I have 3 uses, do I?
No, unfortunately that is a bug that has been appearing for many users and it has been quite difficult for us to fix permanently. Usually browser plugins and/or outdated browsers are the culprit, but it’s really not something we’re focused on fixing right now.

Some of the codes that I generated didn’t work, why?
This is an unfortunate case of the companies trying to stop us and us being a bit slow to circumvent their efforts. In some very rare cases, our intelligent code generation algorithms just don’t get it right.

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